Lyrics to "You are the FIRESTORM"

Have you ever stopped to look into
the eyes of someone you thought you knew,
and found, instead, a stranger there;
someone who's path you'd never dare to cross?
I see tornadoes in your anger, and in your love.
Have you ever run to mock the sky,
when lightning's dance and thunder's cry
have amplified your heart's own song,
til it rings the heavens like a gong?
How is it we crave chaos, yet we cling to an ordered world?
Have you ever looked up to see the sun,
And wondered how it dares to rise,
When the world is choked in darkness
And there seems no hope of freedom from this prison?
You dream destruction, and creation is its twin.
And sometimes, when the fire's so near
It burns you, and you shrink in fear
Still you stare deep into the flames,
Until their patterns burn your brain with vision.
And you see things that make you stronger, and make you cry.

Chrous: Don't you know that you're standing in the center of a firestorm?
Walking around in a personal cyclone?
Living in the eye of a hurricane?
Yeah you're standing in the center of a FIRESTORM!

In a world of blood and death and lies
With deafened ears and blinded dyes
Our rules teach us how to sleep
So deep the nightmares never reach our hearts
They preach blind faith, and set their watchdogs around the flock.
To soothe the storm to silence,
But they are caught in their own cages
For they know that if the fire burns again,
Their paper fortress will turn to ashes and blow away.


So we are taught to fear who we are.
We see with our eyes, not with our hearts.
But living in two dimensions ain't enough anymore;
We must learn that WE ARE THE FIRESTORM!


And after the storm, the fire comes,
And paints the sky in rainbows,
That remind us of the paradox
That will crush us all, and carry us to the stars;
Only when our killers learn to sing will our race be set free.

January, 1991.


This is the song which landed me my first recording gig. The agent said "Come up with a song that says who you are." At the time, I was using FIRESTORM as a stage/street name, and this song explains why I took it; not, as was the common misconception, as a result for my wanton appetite for destruction. That's a wholely separate issue. :)

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