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Hi there! Thank you for visiting! First, explore; then, adore, then implore me for more!

Seriously though; everything here is copyright ) in my name, forever. So first enjoy, then employ! :)

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Find me on AIM or Skype; my screen name is BurningHawk1969.

I'm a minimal blogger, especially ever since
killed the
Livejournal star.

To contact me about employment, with questions or feedback, E-mail is the way to go:
Mark's Email
alternate E-mail in case of no response.

So, just who is this BurningHawk guy anyway?

The man and his dog.

An autobiography

The teaching of Tom Brown, JR. have had a very profound impact on my adult life. More about him and his school can be found at
The Tracker School home page

The essay
On Love
is from "The Prophet," by Kahlil Gibran, the rest of which can be read at
this site.

My original work and more pictures of me

Here is a small sample of my creative work, both literary and musical. All writing, composition and arrangement are original. Enjoy!

My writing
Samples of my music


If you have found my website as a result of a job application, and are considering hiring me, you are making an excellent choice! Whether it be in my role as teacher, IT administrator, writer or musician, thank you for the opportunity. ere are several
which outline just a few of my skills. Please use the above contact information; I look forward to hearing from you!

That's my story, and I'm still writing it!