Samples of Mark's Music

Here are several selections from my album, "You are the Firestorm," released in 1993 on a small New England label, AAA Records, as well as my second album, "Tenacious Cheese," which I produced and released independently in 2006. Also included are some acoustic demos. These songs are chosen to highlight my eclectic style; who knows what I'll come up with next?

As a short preface to these audio files, and as partial explanation for their somewhat inferior quality, they were recorded at various times and in various basements around the country on a typical starving artist budget. They were then copied to DAT, and thence to cassette. After the copying place went out of business, taking my DATs with them, and after all but one of the original cassette copies were sold or given away, they were rescued from this last cassette and lived on an old hard drive for years before finally being resurrected here. As with the pictures, more and better are coming.

In the fine tradition of busking, which has kept me warm and fed on many nights, I am putting my hat out on the Internet. If you like what you hear and want to hear more, please consider donating. Your contribution will go toward new and better equipment and instrument upkeep. I am, of course, including myself as an instrument. :)

As always, contacting me to reproduce this work or to contract new material is as simple as
Emailing me.

Thanks, and enjoy.

Children at the End of the World.
Lyrics to "Children at the End of the World"
Playhouse on the Moon
Lyrics to "Playhouse on the Moon"
You are the FIRESTORM
Lyrics to "You are the FIRESTORM"
Desert Eagle's Song
Lyrics to Desert Eagle's Song
Some day
lyrics to Some Day
My Feet Have Fallen Asleep, and They're Having Nightmares About YOU!"
Lyrics to "Nightmares"

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